Collecting- Glass Ruffle Bowls

I have fallen in love with ruffled bowls. Every time I spot one my heart does a little jump because they are just so beautiful.

It all started a few years ago when I spotted this large pink one at an antique store in Minneapolis. The color was stunning and the delicate ruffles made it feel so feminine.

It is not very often that I really fall in love with something while shopping.  You know that feeling when your heart skips a beat? When you get that little butterfly feeling in your belly because something just speaks to you? Well, that's what happened with this little pink bowl. I loved all the little details.... the white exterior, the clear glass rim and its unusual ruffled shape. 

After purchasing the pink one my eyes seemed to be opened to glass ruffled bowls everywhere!  I kept finding them at various places like garage sales, thrift stores, and antique shops. I started collecting them one by one. They are each a little different with their own unique shape and color. And each one makes me smile.

Hobnail milk glass.

Milky white with a softer ruffle.

Tiny with rose colored glass edges.



And quite the little lady with its small dainty feet.

The bowls have been fairly inexpensive... most around $10 or $15 (except for that big pink one). And they are usually covered in dust, but wash up beautifully once I take them home.

Also, I have learned to be very careful to inspect each bowl for chips and cracks.  I like to run my finger around all the ruffled edges because those little chips tend to disappear in all those ruffles.

So next time you are doing some thrifting keep your eyes out for these pretty little bowls. Pick one up for yourself or give me a call :)

So what are you collecting these days? Any hidden treasures in dusty thrift stores?


Abby Turns 13

Another teenager is in the house!

This is Abby. She is pure sunshine.  Full of laughter, joy and silly voices.

And I can hardly believe that she is a teenager!  How did this happen?

She loves everything girly and according to Abby, a girl can never have enough bows!

Instead of a friend party this year, she decided to go get pedicures with all the girls in the family.

And now I am the mom of two of the most beautiful, caring, talented and lovely teenagers. Lucky me!

Happy Birthday Abby.

We love you!


Mantel Decor with Pom Pom Truffula Trees

Pom poms make me happy. Not only are they cheap and super easy to make, but they make me smile every time.  

I had been searching for a little something to go on top of our built-ins for our living room. I needed something tall to draw the eye upward. So when I spotted this giant Pickle Jar at the Junk Bonanza I thought it would be the perfect receptacle for my "Truffula Trees."

Truffle Trees? Remember "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss? 

"And I first saw the trees! 
The truffula trees!
The bright colored tufts of the Truffula trees!
Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze." --Dr. Seuss

So here is my little version of the Truffle trees.

I found these little decorative branches at HomeGoods.

Then I made some pom poms with leftover yarn from my stash. If you have never made pom poms before just follow Dana's video here. (And while you are at it, check out all of her videos because she is amazing!)

To attach them to the sticks, I just popped them on. No gluing at all.

Awe... nothing like a few pom poms to brighten up a room.


The Princess and Her Mattresses- DIY Baby Gift

I have a dear friend that is about to have her first girl after four boys! I wanted to give her a gift that would be special. A gift that could celebrate her sweet baby girl.

The "mattresses" are burp cloths and are super simple to make (tutorial below).

The "princess" is a little more complicated but actually comes together fairly quick. I have made lots and lots of these little dolls. They are the perfect gift for any little girl. 

The instructions can be found here from Martha Stewart.  

(Just be warned that for the arms and legs you need to add an extra 1/4 inch seem allowance or else they are too skinny.)

The Burp cloths are made from cloth diapers and cotton fabric.

Alright, let's get started!

You will need:

  • scrap fabric (6" x 20")
  • cloth diapers 

First, iron your fabric and cloth diapers.

Then measure the center section of your cloth diaper. This is where we will sew on the pretty fabric. Mine measured 3 1/2" x 17 3/4".

Add one inch to that measurement and cut your fabric. I cut mine 4 1/2" x 18 3/4". 

To save time I piled all my fabrics on top of each other and cut out all 6 at once with the rotary cutter.

Once you are finished cutting, iron the two long sides under 1/4" and iron the short sides under 1/2" . (I always just eyeball this.)

Then pin your ironed fabric onto the center of your cloth diaper.

Top stitch around all four sides with a 1/8" seam allowance and you're done!

Pretty little burp cloths.

Fit for a pretty little princess.

 Sleep tight, little one!