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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm an Artist and Home Decor Educator with a passion for helping women create functional and beautiful interior spaces.

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Learn How To Decorate Your Home Without Frustration and Overwhelm

Learn How To Decorate Your Home Without Frustration and Overwhelm

If you are a busy mom, a dreamer, or just an ordinary girl looking to create a more peaceful home while yearning for more organization and function, then you probably already know the great power your physical space has on your well-being.

You already know the positive energy that comes from a well-decorated space. You know how much easier it is to keep a room clean when you LOVE being in it! And you know that your home has the power to be a refuge from the chaotic world.


Learning to create functional and beautiful spaces will allow you to …

  • Entertain with Confidence

    No more being embarrassed to have people over. When your home is a place you love to be, it is easier to gather with friends and family. You will be proud to have people in your home and will even get compliments on your newly designed space.

  • Have FREEDOM to do Other Things

    The stress of having a cluttered or chaotic home sucks energy from us every time we look at it. If your physical space is in order, you can then focus on the most important things, like spending time with your loved ones and having fun together!

  • Keep Your House Tidy

    When you have a beautiful and functional space, you have a greater desire to keep it clean. Just think about it, if your space is filled only with the things you love and each thing has a specific place, it makes tidying up a breeze!

  • Personalize Your Home for Your Family

    If your home is designed around the needs and wants of your family, it becomes a place where they feel comfortable and a place where they WANT to be. Family members will be more likely to invite their friends over, and your home will become a place where all are welcome.

  • Never Have to Hire a Designer

    No more waiting for someone else to tell you what is best for your space. Once you learn the home decorating framework, you can repeat this process again and again in every room in your house and to any new home you move to in the future.

With a lifelong passion for interior design, I have spent the last 20 years moving houses (10 in all) and perfecting my process for creating beautiful interior spaces that work for my family of six. After years of answering home decorating questions from friends and family, I am excited to share my exclusive Room Design Framework. 

The Room Design Framework will enable ANYONE to learn the basics of Interior Design, no matter your background or skill level. It is based upon the needs of your family and will enable you to create welcoming and functional spaces that are completely customized to the things you love.  

Cracking The Code to Home Decorating is the ONLY program of its kind that will …

1. Guide you step-by-step through decorating a room.
2. Build your confidence in home decorating.
3. Provide a decorating framework that you can repeat and reuse time and time again.

So if you are finally ready to create that home of your dreams while avoiding overwhelm, frustration, and indecision then I would love to invite to learn more and enroll now.

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