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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm a water color artist and surface pattern designer. My patterns and artwork are for color loving women who want to create joyful homes with a touch of modern femininity.

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Melissa's Baby Shower

Melissa's Baby Shower

It was baby shower time at my house on Saturday.

 It was for my good friend, Melissa, and since we used to live in England together I decided to have a "British Tea" theme.

One of the things I miss most about England is the amazing fresh flowers.  Usually the roses here in the states don't compare, but this bunch from Costco was pretty darn perfect.

Our tea time menu included....

Scones with clotted cream and jam. (Another thing I miss terribly.)

The scones, of course, had to be served on my English Pottery.  Swoon!  Every time I use these dishes I fall in love with them all over again!  Are they not completely gorgeous?  Each piece is hand pierced from Leeds Pottery.

OK.  Back to the food.

Cucumber and bacon tea sandwiches.....

 Chicken cashew tea sandwiches....

Lemon Bars...

 Apple orchard punch....

 And mini carrot cake cupcakes...

And more cupcakes shaped into these lovely potted mums.  I saw the idea for this years ago in a Martha Stewart Magazine.

We also had cream puffs (store bought), but I didn't get a good shot of those.

Here is how I made the mini cupcakes....

I started with a leaf tip.  It looked like this.

Then I piped the petals around the edge of the cupcake.

Then I did another round.

And filled in the middle.

To make the "potted plant" I used a pot and a Styrofoam ball.  I first filled the pot half way with some dried beans (so it didn't get too top heavy) then I hot glued a Styrofoam ball inside.

I then used toothpicks to skewer the cupcakes on.

I just kept adding toothpicks and cupcakes until all the Styrofoam was covered.

And here is the star of the show.  The lovely lady, Melissa.  I love you Melissa!!!

I pray that all goes well for you and your sweet new baby girl!

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