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The Taylor Swift Concert

The Taylor Swift Concert

Cora and Abby have been fans of Taylor Swift for a while now, but ever since the RED album came out, it has catapulted to a whole new level!

The girls have been begging to go to one of her concerts and when we found out that she was opening her RED tour in Omaha, we knew we couldn't miss it.

Abby and her best friend (above) have been completely obsessed with the concert for months!  They have been planning their outfits, hair etc.  They decorated their pants with glow in the dark paint and even had matching hair accessories.  It was pretty adorable.

Cora was also super excited, but she wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Abby.

We had heard that the concert staff picks people from the audience to go and stand in the pit.  We sang our hearts out and were super obnoxious hoping to get picked!  Unfortunately, we weren't the chosen ones, but we sure had fun screaming and dancing before the show!

This picture (below) was taken while Ed Sheeran was performing.  I hadn't heard many of his songs before, but he was fantastic! I was in complete awe of the lights!

Abby and her best friend could hardly contain themselves while they were waiting for Taylor to arrive.

Then finally the moment came!  The stage turned RED...

And Taylor Swift appeared behind the red curtain.

One of the sweetest things about the concert was the incredibly amazing connection that Taylor had with the audience.  Imagine this picture below with 13,000 fans screaming.

Her face was so sweet...

The concert was absolutely amazing filled with special effects and phenomenal dancers!

At one point in the show (during the song 22) Taylor came across the arena to a second stage that was right below us!

She sang quite a few songs on this second stage and Abby and her friend went right down to the railing.  Abby said that Taylor looked at her for a whole 5 seconds!

 This smaller stage rose into the air and slowly rotated. It was pretty amazing how much closer she was to those of us in the upper seats.

After finishing on the second stage, she climbed onto this little platform and floated across the entire arena until she was back at the main stage.

And of course it ended with a big bang and the entire arena filling with confetti!

We Love You Taylor!

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