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How to Recover a Dining Room Chair

How to Recover a Dining Room Chair

If you have never attempted reupholstery and would like to give it a try, a dining room chair is the perfect first project!  It is quick, simple and makes a big impact.

We have had these dining room chairs for about 7 years and the microfiber bottoms haven't fared so well. Yuck!

It was definitely time for an update...

I found this lovely pink and orange trellis fabric at Joann's.  It is called "Make Waves" by Waverly.

Here are the simple steps to recovering a chair....

You will need:



Staple Gun

Screwdriver (not pictured)

First, turn the chair upside down and remove the seat bottom by unscrewing the screws.

Next, lay your fabric right side down with your seat cushion on top. Cut your fabric into a square leaving several extra inches on each side. Be careful not to cut your fabric too small since you will need extra material to grab onto while you are stapling.

Begin to staple by starting in the middle of each side and working back and forth on opposite sides.  Make sure you pull your fabric taut (meaning pull firmly, but not firm enough to make it pucker).

Continue adding staples working from the middle to the corners. Be sure to keep alternating sides and pull your fabric taut with each staple.

When you get to a corner, just fold the fabric and staple until it looks nice. (I know, quite technical)

Using your scissors, trim off the extra fabric and screw your seats back onto the frame!

 It really is easy... I promise!

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