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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm an Artist and Home Decor Educator with a passion for helping women create functional and beautiful interior spaces.

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Time For Apples!

Time For Apples!

Oh how I love fall!  The crisp air, the crunchy leaves and the apples!

This is our third year going apple picking and making fresh pressed cider.  The kids always get so excited when the weather starts cooling off, they immediately start asking about the apples! It has become one of our most cherished family traditions.  

I wrote all about the process of making the cider last year (


). This year, I just wanted to share some of our pictures to remember that sweet appley evening... 

Washing the Apples


Abby discovering a nasty one.

Isaac on the rope swing.  

A little slice of paradise... what a beautiful place!

More time on the rope swing.

The big guys cutting out the nasty parts.



All of my favorite people.

The whole family.

The beloved "Gator".

And here is the end result.  Sweet, fresh appley goodness.  We like to call it liquid gold...

Happy Fall!

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