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Thrifty Photo Wall

Thrifty Photo Wall

Today, I wanted to share a project with you that I completed before I started blogging.  Let's call it a "Project Flashback".

I had a large wall that I wanted to fill with various photos, but I didn't have a lot of money to spend on it. Introducing the thrifty photo wall!

I began by hunting local thrift stores for various frames.  My favorites were ones I found with texture. Most of the frames were only a few dollars and many of them came with their own mats. (Sorry no before picture since this was pre-blog).

After gathering my various frames, I took them apart and spray painted the frames antique white and the mats a nice happy turquoise.  It is amazing how a few coats of spray paint can unify so many mismatched frames.

To figure out the arrangement, I placed all the frames on the floor and experimented with various patterns until I found something I liked. I originally wasn't planning on hanging the frames with their edges touching, but once I set everything out on the floor, I loved the look!

*Tip- I discovered a genius way of hanging frames on pinterest.... To get the photos positioned perfectly I started in the middle and hung 1 large frame.  Then I built it up around that one.  To find the perfect spot to place the nail I put a little dot of toothpaste (or glue) on the picture hanger, then carefully placed the frame on the wall in its correct position.  Once you remove the frame a little dot of toothpaste will be left on your wall and you will know exactly where to put your nail in. Genius!

I love how the spray paint really brings out the textures and variations of the different frames.

The photos are all from our time in England taken once again by our good friend Teri from

Blue Rock Photos

.  This is one of my favorites of us in front of the village church.

Cora and Abby are so sweet under the rainbow umbrella.  The rain never seemed to stop in England and it was actually drizzling on the day of our photo shoot.

Here is a shot of the photo wall in relation to the

new dining room

. Our front door is off to the right of this picture, so newcomers always stop and look at all the pics.

A lovely little photo wall for the fraction of the cost.

Happy spray painting!

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