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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm an Artist and Home Decor Educator with a passion for helping women create functional and beautiful interior spaces.

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Mantel Decor with Pom Pom Truffula Trees

Mantel Decor with Pom Pom Truffula Trees

Pom poms make me happy. Not only are they cheap and super easy to make, but they make me smile every time.  

I had been searching for a little something to go on top of our built-ins for our living room. I needed something tall to draw the eye upward. So when I spotted this giant Pickle Jar at the

Junk Bonanza

I thought it would be the perfect receptacle for my "Truffula Trees."

Truffle Trees? Remember "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss? 

"And I first saw the trees! 

The truffula trees!

The bright colored tufts of the Truffula trees!

Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze." --Dr. Seuss

So here is my little version of the Truffle trees.

I found these little decorative branches at HomeGoods.

Then I made some pom poms with leftover yarn from my stash. If you have never made pom poms before just follow

Dana's video here


(And while you are at it, check out all of her videos because she is amazing!)

To attach them to the sticks, I just popped them on. No gluing at all.

Awe... nothing like a few pom poms to brighten up a room.

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