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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm an Artist and Home Decor Educator with a passion for helping women create functional and beautiful interior spaces.

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Pennsylvania Road Trip

Pennsylvania Road Trip

We recently got back from visiting some dear friends in Lancaster, PA. 

Road tripping with a family of 6 is always a bit painful, but after the death march (seriously felt like the never ending car ride) we had a positively lovely time. We only had 3 non-driving days, but I think we made the most of it.

Day 1: Amish Country. 

The world's best pretzel. I am NOT kidding. These were heavenly.

Homemade Ice Cream and pretzels.

Shopping- Metal rooster fountain anyone?

Day 2: Philadelphia

Visitors Center and the entertaining and hilarious stories at the free story telling bench.

Heading out to get in line for the Liberty Bell.

Once we finally got into see the Liberty bell, Isaac's patience had grown thin. Ha! That face says it all.

Walking around Independence Hall.

Carriage Ride- a complete tourist trap, but one of our favorite parts of the day and a lovely way to see the city.

Lunch at Reading Terminal Market. Oh man, this was foodie heaven. So much yummy stuff!

I had possibly the most amazing doughnut of my life here at Beiler's.

The fresh apple fritters melted in our mouths.

Up next, the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Brain exhibit- climbing through the neural pathways.

The human heart.

And the highlight of the museum was "The Art of the Brick."

Mind blowing Lego sculptures.

Day 3: Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

The ride home wasn't quite as painful. After driving halfway, the hotel was all booked up so we decided to just keep on driving. We drove through the night and it felt like we cut our trip in half- Sweet! (Except for poor CJ who drove the whole time- you are my hero.)

Now go eat some chocolate.

Happy Spring Break!

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

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