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Can Your Home Affect Your Mood?

Do you ever wonder if the chaos of your home is affecting the way you show up in your life?

After being a stay at home mom for 19 years and living in 10 different houses I have learned a few things about the power of my physical space and how it affects my ability to focus on what is truly important.

Family Craft Studio

I am so excited to be showing you our family craft studio today! When I realized that we were going to have the opportunity to build our house my main request was having a large craft room with plenty of natural light. This "bonus room" over the garage was the perfect spot for my vision to come true.  It is my absolute favorite room in the house. It is a place where we can hang out, be messy and create projects together. And the best part is that almost everything is thrifted or "crafted" by me.

Master Bedroom Reveal

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! After a year of living in our house I feel like some rooms are finally pulling together and I am excited to start showing you around. This week...the master bedroom.

You have no idea how good it feels to finally have a bedroom that I LOVE! It took a while to find the right combo of fabrics, colors and textures, but now I can say it is perfectly "Tessie" and I have been giddy about it all week. I am also happy to report that the hubby...

Built-In Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

These built-ins sit proudly in our main living room on either side of our fireplace. The cupboards below are stuffed with our family's vast collection of board games and the shelves above are filled with pretty books and favorite treasures.

My favorite part about these shelves is the cohesive color pallet. I always see beautifully styled shelves in magazines, but honestly who has that many pretty books??