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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm a water color artist and surface pattern designer. My patterns and artwork are for color loving women who want to create joyful homes with a touch of modern femininity.

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Christmas Nook

Christmas Nook

Remember my little wallpapered nook? Well it's all decked out and ready for some holiday cheer! 

Christmas Wallpapered Nook

I thought I might tire of the whimsical wallpaper, but it still brings a smile to my face when I come down the stairs each morning.

Christmas Nook with Yellow Sideboard

I bought this salvaged window at the "Junk Bonanza" last year. It makes the perfect backdrop for my cheery red wreath.

Christmas Wreath and Window

Hubert the owl is tucked in quite nicely between my white feather trees.

Christmas Feather Trees and Owl

And what vignette would be complete without a ruffled bowl? I still can't get enough of them.

Ruffled bowl with Christmas Ornament

Little nook, I love you now more than ever. 

I wonder if I can keep those feather trees up until July.... I always feel sad to put them away each year.

Christmas Nook

Merry Christmas Everyone!

See you soon for more holiday decorating.

Piano Room- Christmas

Piano Room- Christmas

Christmas Family Room

Christmas Family Room