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DIY Flapper Costume

DIY Flapper Costume

With Halloween quickly approaching, I wanted to share our costumes with you.

We had so much fun with the family theme last year (

remember the Nerds?

) that we wanted to do it again. Settling on a family theme is never easy, especially with a teenager in the mix, but after much debate we agreed that flappers and gangsters were the way to go.

Since it was near impossible to find a decent flapper costume, we decided to DIY our own.

The dresses turned out just perfect and they were SUPER easy! Anyone with the most basic sewing skills can make these.

Here are the supplies:

  • Dress (found ours on clearance at Target for $8)
  • Long white beads (costume store)
  • Fringe (we used white from Hobby Lobby)
  • Head band and flowers (Hobby Lobby)

After I gathered my supplies, I pinned the fringe to the bottom of the dress and sewed it on using a zig-zag stitch.

*Note- You can see in the picture above that most fringe comes with the bottom edge attached.  This makes the fringe much easier to sew.  After you finish sewing the fringe on, you can easily remove that bottom thread with your fingers and the fringe will fall freely.

Once the fringe is sewn on... your done! Just add beads, headbands and flowers and voila! It's a flapper...

Now as for Emma, I knew she would have nothing to do with a blue dress! Luckily I found an old pink one from her closet with a perfect 1920's drop waist.

I added fringe to the bottom, slipped on some beads and a headband, and my little pink flapper was complete!

She had the most authentic 1920's hair with her cute little bob!  These two are way too cute...

And Cora was classy as ever...

 The three girls...

My big girls! How did they grow up so fast?

 And me being silly, because that's what I do :)

And Emma wants YOU to be a flapper :)

Happy Happy Halloween!  What is your family dressing up as?  Any family themes going on out there?

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