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I'm Tessie Fay. I'm a water color artist and surface pattern designer. My patterns and artwork are for color loving women who want to create joyful homes with a touch of modern femininity.

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I recently took a girl's trip to Sedona, AZ to try to escape the Minnesota winter. Unfortunately Sedona was in the middle of a cold snap and it ended up raining for a few days.

Despite the rain, the landscape was just breath taking.

We did have one beautiful sunny day and we took advantage of the warmer temps to hike and enjoy the beauty of Sedona.

The trip was the master mind of my mother-in-law. I hear lots of horror stories about peoples in-laws, but I struck gold when I married into CJ's family.

Here is my sweet mother-in-law.  She has been a constant support to me and my family.

And two of my fabulous sister in laws...

After hiking we were able to stop at this beautiful Roman Catholic chapel on the hill... Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was so peaceful and reverent inside.  It made me think of my Catholic roots and how thankful I am for all those faithful ancestors that came before me.

While I was getting ready for my Sedona trip, a friend told me about the "Pink Jeep Tours".  She raved about how much fun their family had so I thought we had to try it!

We did have a blast bumping over the rocks and trying to stay warm.  Of course, it ended up raining on our tour, but that was fine by me because we saw the most magnificent rainbow.

Just as the tour was ending, the rain stopped and we arrived at a beautiful lookout just in time to see the sun set.




Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party